Archery Training Centre Aligned to Archery GB Pathway
EMAS Youth Squad Training
What is EMAS Youth Squad Training  

The EMAS Youth Squad Training is a series of sessions run along the Archery GB pathway to improve the shooting of squad archers.

The 25 athletes have been nominated by the 5 counties in the EMAS region, 5 athletes coming from each county. 

The coaches are all Archery GB qualified coaches, varying from Level 1 (observers) to Senior.

The athletes are set in to groups with at least 2 coaches, usually there are 4 athletes per group. Each monthly session has a period of time allocated to Strength and Conditioning, to Skills and Drills and Shooting Technique. There is also an hour set aside for a talk on other aspects of archery such as bow setup, the mental approach to competing, nutrition etc.